January 31, 2015

Kim Ji-hoon on Happy Together

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 1/31/2015 07:11:00 PM with 9 comments
Who is missing Kim Ji-hoon? Me? Yes, I'm about ready to recap the next episode of Golden Era of Daughters in Law. Also, Kim Ji-hoon was on Happy Together (on The Hot Men and Women Special) a few days ago and talks about how he ended up on Jangbori (though he really didn't want to), doesn't get any offers, and why he tries to stay away from Variety Shows.While he heavily crushes on Lee Sung-kyung (the student from It's Okay It's Love). It's totally one-sided. Pooooooooor Ji-hoon :(

January 27, 2015

Rants and 'Weekly' Raves #22 (RAWR)

Posted by JoAnne on 1/27/2015 12:18:00 AM with 19 comments
I don't know how many of you drop in on OT, but this week was kind of an old home week for us because we did - first time in a long time. It was so much fun to see old friends who aren't on Twitter, and new people just discovering dramas, and the whole thing just felt like a massive party.

DramaBeans is where most of us met and became friends, and spending time on Twitter came about because we wanted to keep our OT conversations going longer. We're going to try to make a point of visiting now and then.  It felt good!

Digitally altered to protect identities of squeecappers

January 21, 2015

$_)@*$%^_ Witches Romance Ep 16 (A Finally Final Cap)

Posted by CM Shukmeister on 1/21/2015 04:32:00 AM with 9 comments
Shuk: We have finally reached the final episode. Once this is finalized, we can start something else. Kill Me Heal Me? Or wait for Blood? Both seem like they might be crack(d). Anyways, it's time for the tie-ups and final sweetness before we say goodbye to this 2014 noona romance.
JoAnne: I'm still on the fence about KMHM, but I do kinda like it now whereas before I was NOT impressed. Blood just better be a snarkfest, or it's going to be incredibly boring. Both leads have a rather... hmmm... 'low blood pressure' approach to acting.
kakashi: This is catharsis. Finishing something that finished so long ago ... it must feel good, no?
JoAnne:  Meh.
Shuk: [sigh]

January 20, 2015

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 21 FINAL (A WookiCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 1/20/2015 12:41:00 PM with 18 comments
We made it to the end, my friends, and everything is neatly wrapped up in this last episode. And everybody gets what they deserve. We even get a truckload full of cute.
S@ki6: Such a relief!
Lafer: The champagne is in hand! Actually I should have probably started drinking before I watched.
becca: Oooh, is this pic of them in heaven? Or a fantasy sequence as one of them dies slowly in the other's arms? I thirst for blood!
JoAnne: I would swear that I already commented on this, but after looking through, nope. I'm just stuck in an endless loop of idiocy, I guess? Oh wait! THIS IS THE END!!!!

January 19, 2015

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 20 (A WookiCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 1/19/2015 07:13:00 AM with 5 comments
We are almost done, which means the show starts cleaning up its mess. Bear with me. It'll be over soon.
JoAnne: I am still here. Still alive! This show will not kill me. (Healer might, though.)
Lafer: I am so proud of myself for actually finishing this drama. One of the truest tests of endurance in my lifetime. (I think this makes me cry) 
S@ki6: I almost never finish dramas. I finished this one because of the squeecaps. And because Joo Sangwook is hot. 
becca: I'm not watching the rest of this drama. Life is too short, and I need my brain cells for other things. Becca, you have the right idea.

Rants and "Weekly" Raves #21 (RAWR)

Posted by JoAnne on 1/19/2015 02:37:00 AM with 7 comments
We're a little light this week - people claim to have 'real life events' taking up their time. Riiiiiiiight. You're all off hunting the web looking for THIS guy:

He just heard about the comments on DB

January 14, 2015

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 21 (A ThugCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 1/14/2015 11:47:00 PM with 2 comments
Oi, what a roller coaster of an episode! From extremely sweet to extremely sad in 30 minutes, I tell you! The best: Lee Hee-Joon showing off his acting chops. Oh my, this guy can act.
Mary: This episode is the best. For crying.
becca: I watched at school (NOT during class! I am a good student!), and I couldn't let out a single tear because there were two guys sitting right across from me. It. Was. Torture.

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