Cupids: The Amazing Eiffel-Tower-Loving Series

"Kammathep" is the Thai word for Cupid. Channel 3 created "The Cupids" series with the following plot: eight single woman working at a matchmaking agency must get boyfriends within a year or risk losing their jobs. Each story consists of 7 to 10 episodes. And since Paris used to be called "The City of Love", I can only surmise that the PD wanted to beat us over the head with Eiffel Towers, much like Oil is trying to do to Att.

Rants and Weekly Raves #153 (RAWR)

Trotwood: I don't want to say that I'm throwing in the towel, but I feel like I am. I was going to start so many new dramas this month--Strongest Delivery Man, Falsify, Live up to Your Name--but I don't think I have the energy. recapping the epically long episodes of stare acting Cubic is sucking the life out of me and using up all my wtf patience. I have now admitted that I'm only capable of finishing Father is Strange and Teacher Oh Soo Nam. I am watching My Mr. Mermaid because it's quantity of cute sweetness (really I feel like I should brush and floss afterwards because of the sweet) is my counter to all of the ugliness going on the world. other than that, I'll have to rely on everyone else for everything else until I'm finished with my Cubic work.
kakashi: This RAWR is on a diet. It's really thin.
JoAnne: MY WOLF.

Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 44 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 44written by MiniOrchid
edited by kakashi

Yan Zhi thought of herself as patient. Yes, she had been a patient person throughout her life. With her family and even her subordinates, she had shown great restraint, even when they had been selfish, cold, and ruthless. In the mortal realms, she had been patient when dealing with unruly customers or perverts. She had shown restraint when her brothers had harmed each other, while doing all she could to subdue the damage as a bystander. She found virtue and control when she was able to hold back her negative emotions and clear her head of negative thoughts. Rage did not solve anything, as she had learned from observing her father, who had been an angry hostile man, only sometimes calmed by her presence.

Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 43 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 43written by Panda
edited by kakashi

It was a balmy, cloudy day when yet more guests arrived at Kunlun Mountains. One came on a beautiful phoenix while the other, resplendent in purple, came with his loyal retainer: It was High God Zhe Yan, the former Heavenly Lord Donghua Dijun and Star Lord Si Ming. As they reached the steps that lead to the Great Hall of Kunlun, the disciples rushed forward to greet them and pay their respects.

The Advisors Alliance 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 - Episode 2 (Recap)

kakashi: A very gripping second episode, in which we realize how clever Cao Cao is and how slow Sima Yi is. He has a long way to go.
Panda: What an action filled episode, Wow.

Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 42.5 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 42.5written by Chimera with inserts from Miniorchid

Die Feng was going down the front steps of the Hall when Shimu, Ghost Princess Yan Zhi, and Princess Li Ying approached. Li Ying was hobbling, one arm around Yan Zhi’s shoulder and a handkerchief pressed to her bloody forehead.

“What happened?” Die Feng asked, running down the remaining steps.

CUBIC (A SnarkCap) -- Episode 2

Shuk: This episode really establishes the dynamics between our couple:  He thinks she can't do something, she proves him wrong and says something snarky, he rethinks her abilities, then underestimates her again. All accompanied by SA, MoS, TS, DM, and all our Cubicisms.
Trotwood: I just love how she talks to him the way no one else does, and he can't stop thinking about her because of it.
Kmuse: Who knew a necktie would be the catalyst between a genius high school student and her CEO mafia principal?

Fanfiction 2: Moyuan and Bai Qian - Chapter 7, Part 1 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 7 - The Bell of DonghuangPart 1

written by LalaLoop
consulting July
editing kakashi

Bai Qian was sitting on the steps leading into the Fox cave, resting her head against the rock wall.

She had never truly appreciated her occasional hot temper, her tendency to display emotional outbursts whenever she felt the need, and her willingness to trust others and confide in them her secrets. She had never fully realized how fortunate she was until now.

Her eyes became blurry.

Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 42 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 42written by kakashi

“I’m so bored I might grow twigs out of my head soon.”

Mo Yuan had been waiting for Shao Wan to make such a declaration. In fact, he was surprised she had been able to hold back for so long: She really had made progress with her self-control. She was fidgeting around on his bed, attempting to sew some clothes for her toad, quite clearly not making a lot of progress. The animal, who had grown to the size of a large tree cat, eyed him viciously from her lap.

Rants and Weekly Raves #152 (RAWR)

JoAnne: It's Friday. I've seen both BoWG and School 2017 episodes and
kakashi: That sounds healthy. It's Saturday as I write this and I'm now current with Game of Thrones.
Some of it's that I'm busy, but most of it is that it's harder to watch shows now because of Kocowa. For some reason their shows won't work on my PC, only my phone, and they don't seem interested in helping.
Trotwood: I'm only watching Teacher Oh Soon Nam, fast forwarding Father is Strange, and rewatching Cubic on seemingly endless loop. I think I might pick up Falsify in time for next week's Rawr.
SakiVI: What's Kocowa? I'm sad because I can't start the Kim Nam Gil drama as yet. I'm waiting for Woman of Dignity - which, by the way, Trot, has a police detective you will love - to finish. So, next week, I'll start with my KNG love. I bet he's funny! I also had to drop a couple of shows because no time to watch them. Luckily, there are re…