10 December 2016

09 December 2016


When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - Episode 1 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on December 09, 2016
kakashi: When a Snail Falls in Love is a lovely "little" (meaning 21 relatively short episodes) police drama with Eleanor's husband in the main role and because we really cannot say no to Wang Kai on this blog, we will recap it. (It's also really good, so there). I'm always so excited when we start a new recapping project!!
Shuk: I had not watched it before, but since we are recapping and I am not immune to the power of WangKai, I'm going to join in!
JoAnne: Everybody scooch down!
Eleanor: LOL now everyone is after my husband these days. Good thing I feel pretty secure about my love. 
Trotwood: I do, too, which is why I've already bought a ginormous hat to wear at the wedding.


ET Sightings - 2nd Half of 2016

Posted by CM Shukmeister on December 09, 2016
We end 2016 on a final grouping of  Eiffel Towers found throughout Asian entertainment during the second half of the year.  First, my chingeuls have sent me non-drama ones and their own happy ET's for my perusal:

Trot's Bathroom Scale and Cherkell's Bastille Day Wallpaper:

08 December 2016


Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 38 (Recap)

Posted by SakiVI on December 08, 2016
SakiVI: Omo, Fo Ye and Xin Yue finally get married! For Realz! Or do they? Er Ye persists in his delusions and Ya Tou persists in her Stepford Wife act. Xin Yue, on the other hand, persists in being cute. Squee!
kakashi: This episode is both scary and sad.

07 December 2016


Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 32 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on December 07, 2016
Kakashi: A death and a rebirth ... and an order that causes more pain than joy. It's all very complicated.
SakiVI: Should be right up Kasuo's Emo Alley, then.
JoAnne: Maybe he can be happy about how sad he gets to be.
Kid is breathtaking.

06 December 2016


Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 31 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on December 06, 2016
kakashi: Pacts are made and Fire Princes look pretty all of a sudden ... Shi is almost crowned, but not quite yet - and Kasuo mopes. A normal day in Ice City, really. 
SakiVI: A possible Fire Prince looks gorgeous.  
JoAnne: The silver eye thingie looks very dull next to his epaulets.

05 December 2016


Rants and Weekly Raves #116 (RAWR)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on December 05, 2016
kakashi: We have a new heavyweight on our list this week! It's Goblin, of course.
Shuk: Are we gonna do Best of / Worst of posts this year? I was thinking about this as I untangled Christmas lights and raked leaves.
Of course! 
SakiVI: After all the excitement, let's hope Goblin is good.
JoAnne: Good? Pfft. Why aim so low? Goblin is gooooooodgoodgood.
1.5 hours each episode, though...
Supposed to be only the first two that are super long but we'll see. Other than needing to make the time commitment though, the 90 minutes flies by.
Trotwood: Finally getting caught up after traveling for business.Still not sure what new thing I'm going to take on right now with the craziness that is the end of semester.

ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 - Episode 8 (A Contest Squeecap)

Posted by Sparks of Ember on December 05, 2016
Sparks of Ember: After that last episode, we deserve a cute interlude. But it wouldn't be ToGetHer if things didn't immediately dissolve into childish interactions, right? And also, unfortunately, the implode with Jia Sen we've all been expecting...
kakashi: Damn, what color do I get in this recap?! This is creating identity problems for me. Let me just say that I don't like childish behavior in adults at all, but I'm making an exception for Mars, because he's so damn cute when childish.
Shuk: The fact that his cuteness covers over the heavy things on his shoulders goes a long way for me. And those singlets help a lot.
SakiVI: I didn't have time to watch this, so I'll just comment on the pictures.
JoAnne: Fortunately there's always a lot to say about Jiro. Also, I've been laughing to myself because I recently learned that the Mandarin for chicken is jirou, which doesn't sound EXACTLY the same but close enough for Western ears, so now in my head I call him Chicken.
Not a good look.

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