26 May 2010


Day 51

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on May 26, 2010
seriously, what's wrong with me? I haven't watched any Supernatural for at least 4 days! Instead, I have re-watched all the Damon scenes from Vampire Diaries!!! I obviously can't resist a bad vampire. It's something like two weeks to True Blood and lightyears to Season 6 of Supernatural. And I am dreading a) catching up to the end of Season 5 of Supernatural and b) that Alan Ball messes up Season 3 just like Season 2 and c) that there are not enough Eric scenes. But I am grateful for re-watching all the Damon scenes. It was worth it.

24 May 2010


Day 50

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on May 24, 2010
Let's just pretend calling this entry Day 50 isn't blatantly cheating. And let's be grateful for it.

09 May 2010


Day 49

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on May 09, 2010

Grateful for not feeling guilty for eating a gigantic chocolate cake piece of heaven

08 May 2010


Day 48

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on May 08, 2010
I am responsible for the brutal death of an innocent ladybug. And it bugs me.

When I discovered it on my daughter's lunch box, I got excited. Wow, I thought, now she will see her first real ladybug (we have a book full of all kinds of animals, there is a ladybug in there (not that she has shown much interest in it (she is more of a parrot kind-a-gal) but I have pointed at it at least 50 times already and I expect that leaves some impression in a 1 year old's brain)).

I picked up the box and presented it to her, still excited: "look", I said, "a ladybug!" She looks at me, looks at the ladybug and squashes it.

The End.

(of the ladybug)

Witnessing such cold, indifferent killing naturally leaves a mark on people. Ever since, I have thought about death, especially sudden, brutal death on a sunny day. It could hit us anytime. A gigantic hand that reaches from the sky, closes around us and then ... the end.

On another note: I have become really sloppy with the being grateful thing. Today, I could be grateful for cooking a lovely dinner, grateful for seeing a happy duck family, or grateful for having approximately three hours before bedtime to watch Supernatural. That is not enough time to make it to Lucifer's rising, but maybe tomorrow. Yesterday (S04E10), I was moved to tears by Dean's tears and by the sex scene with the red-haired angel on the backseat of his great car (btw: since I watch Supernatural, I keep seeing a black Impala on Zurich's streets. It's really eerie!!)

07 May 2010


Days 43-47

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on May 07, 2010
During semester, I prepare my classes at Starbucks. Why? Because the coffee is so delicious!

Not true. No, it's because I am not left alone at the office, door knockings, phone ringings, emailings, you get the drift. So, I'm at Starbucks, concentrating and reading and summarizing all that clever stuff, which works really well. Alas, they have managed to have the exact same music playing for the last 4 weeks. We are talking about a 4 hours interval here. Some Piazzolla, some Sinatra, some jazz classics. And then there's the song "my Heart Belongs to Daddy". Every Wednesday, it comes on at around 11am. I seem to be waiting for it, subconsciously, because when it starts playing, my concentration evaporates and all I can focus on is that damn song.

And now it's stuck in my head. AND I have developed a fascination with words that rhyme with daddy.

(of all possible versions, this seemed the most appropriate for this blog)

I hope this goes away soon.

02 May 2010


Day 42

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on May 02, 2010

All I could think of on this day was "this is what hell must be like". Naturally, that got me thinking about demons. Deeply philosophical thinking it was. On my currently favorite show Supernatural, all demons are summoned and/or exorcised in Latin. (Very bad Latin. I mean, have you ever heard an American speaking Latin? No way in hell that the creatures from hell will understand what is said! (Yes, I am very proud of my Latin accent. I think it is impeccable))

It has since been established on my Facebook wall (and I quote:) that you can summon demons in numerous languages. For example, if you want a jinn, you use Arabic...or if you want an aitu, you use Samoan. So far so good. What really confuses me, though, is this: if I don't speak Arabic or Samoan, can I also summon a jinn or an aitu? Or can I only conjure the ones that speak/understand Latin because they belong to the religious culture I'm in? Where did they learn to speak/understand Latin? Is there a compulsory demon school for it? And when do demons have to go there? When they are born? Or is it their mother tongue? And how do the Latin speaking demons (are they a majority?) communicate with the Arab and the Samoan demons? Do they communicate at all? Or do they live in different hells? Are there any demons that do not speak any of the known languages on earth so that we will never be able to conjure them? Can I conjure a demon in Swiss German? What kind of demon would I get? (probably an evil cow demon, I'm just guessing)

Questions, questions, questions. If you have the answer to one or several, please contact me. But - and I quote again, this time from an "Ask me Help Desk: live answers from real experts": "I would prefer only those who have experience with angels and demons to answer. please dont post any stupid role-playing game answers or answers from movies such as the Exorcist or something."


I'm so grateful for the light at the end of the tunnel

Days 38-41

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on May 02, 2010

There's something I've been thinking about for a while: the death point of TV shows. Each and every show I have ever watched get's to a point whereafter it is doomed to die (which means cancelled in the TV show world). Not immediately, of course, because there are many doctors who keep it artificially alive - but after that point it becomes boring or even annoying to watch. So boring that it becomes a show you watch while you are ironing.

It's usually the writers fault. They can't keep their own promises or they make stupid mistakes like letting the boy have the girl (even though everybody know that only a love unfulfilled makes good TV) or they just loose the feel for the story.

And then, I found this list: wow. First of all, it's filled with shows I have never heard of. Second, it proves me very wrong. There are shows that live for 56 years!

Very scary. Of course, I've always known that watching TV series is a lifelong commitment. But ... how will I ever know whether the 1% I'm approximately keeping up with are the good ones? What if I am missing a 56 years shows right now?! Or ... is there a series I am currently watching that I will still be watching when I'm 80 years old?

Like ... Bones? Nah. Guess not. Glee? Hm. Hardly. Vampire Diaries? Certainly not. They have never got beyond the death point. Private Practice? Oups, now I said it, yes, I watch Private Practice and try not to be ashamed of myself. So I seriously hope they get to the death point soon. Supernatural? well, I am definitely not sick of Dean and Sam just yet, but I am sure that in twenty years or so they would lose some of their sex appeal. And since I strive to be a cougar then, Supernatural will be out of the question. Lie to Me? I see the death point approaching fast. True Blood? They might make it a while because they only go for 12 episodes a season. That's playing it safe, Alan Ball! (other shows like Fringe or Grey's Anatomy or Weeds or Dexter or Hung are not on my list right now)

So, who knows what I will be doing when I am 80. Maybe watch a TV show for the elderly.
But is there a lesson to be learned from all this? Maybe: let your kids watch TV or they will become TV show junkies in their 30s.

38: grateful for writing on my article. My article refers to an article I have been working on for months now. The reason: no effin' time because of effin' meetings
39: grateful for seeing my daughter's face covered in chocolate. priceless!
40: grateful for planting herbs and flowers
41: grateful for going jogging in the rain

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