30 November 2012


Park Shi-hoo and ... his Hair

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 30, 2012
By far the most popular post on this blog is ...

It gets an average of 40 hits per day. Recently, I started wondering whether the cause for its popularity is Lee Min-hoT (as you would expect, right?) - or whether it's simply the topic: hair and hairstyles. A strong indicator for the latter: the post with the second most hits is My Top 5 ... Permed Hair.

Well, let's find out. The next obvious candidate for a hair-post is not Lee Jun-ki (since he has had the floor for several days straight, all by himself), but Park Shi-hoo, whose upcoming drama I somewhat dread-anticipate, because there is nothing so far that convinces me it is going to be good. Apart from the fact that Park Shi-hoo is in it, which makes it good by definition, no?
It is a weird thing with Park Shi-hoo. At first sight, he isn't very attractive or photogenic. His mouth is too large (frog-like, even), his nose is rather big, his face is round, his eyes are unspectacular, in interviews, he is super awkward and shy, and he does come across as somewhat arrogant or stuck-up in the few variety show appearances he has had (poor baby ... why so insecure?). Ha! But see how quickly you change that view after actually seeing him on screen! *swooooon*

Let's spend the next few minutes on his hair in various dramas he's been in. 

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS2, 2005) - cameo

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang rating: 1/10

I hated Delightful Girl Choon Hyang with a vengeance. Seriously, I couldn't watch it, it vexed me so. Ever since, both Jae Hee Han Chae-young are damaged goods. I just can't like them - even though I try. It can't be the hairstyles or the fashion, because it was Full House that got me started into KDrama. Full House 1 = bad fashion and terribly bad, floppy hair; Full House 2 = bad fashion and terribly, permed hair. There's the connection between the two dramas for you!

Park Shi-hoo has a very small role in DGCH, he cameos as Jaa Hee's love interest's boyfriend in episodes 1 and 2. He dumps her and she throws wine into his face - and unto his terrible hair. It's the era, so he is forgiven.


How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (SBS, 2007) as Yoo Joon-suk

Park Shi-hoo's hair in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor rating: 9/10

This is a drama I would never have watched if it didn't have PSH in it. I don't remember much about it, to be honest. Park Shi-hoo isn't first lead, though, cause that would be Kim Seung-woo ... But he gets the girl (Bae Doo-na, who has a very special face; I liked her!). It also made me discover Son Hyun-joo

Park Shi-hoo plays a chaebol heir - not for the last time. His hair is short and artfully tousled. His smile is ... o_O ... and his facial hair (the little there is) also doesn't look bad. I have nothing to complain, but will keep top marks for later.
Oh no! poor baby ... don't cry! You will get her and be happy!


 Iljimae (SBS, 2008) as Shi Hoo / Ja Dol 

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Iljimae rating: n/a

Noooooo! Iljimae = Lee Jun-ki = broken heart! And poor Park Shi-hoo plays such a sad character (called Shi-hoo, haha) ... Hair wise, there's saeguk-hidden hair, which cannot be rated, really, cause it's like non-hair. 
And then, there's this ... I posted this solely because of the hair, or course! See the variation? Above: with hat. Below: without hat. And without ... clothes.
Hmm... very seaguk-able, this one!


Family's Honor (SBS, 2008) as Lee Kang-suk

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Family's Honor rating: 9/10

Family's Honor is long. Park Shi-hoo's hair is short. And kinda exactly the same as in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor, at least in the second half.
In the first half, it is less up but more flattened. Still looks very good on him.
I'm so glad you always get your girls in the end, Park Shi-hoo! Wait ... well, almost always. Forget Iljimae ...


Prosecutor Princess (SBS, 2010) as Seo In-woo 

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Prosecutor Princess rating: 9/10

My first Park Shi-hoo drama! Oh man, I loved it!! There's several different hairstyles throughout the drama. Well, variations, more like. I like black hair on Korean men better than the reddish tint, that's why I need to deduct a point - but he gains one for the cheeky fringe-thing. Is it just me, or is his hair very similar in every single drama?
Oh! Wrist-grab-swirl! They were a great couple. Park Shi-hoo, isn't it time to think about marriage?


Queen of Reversals (MBC, 2010) as Goo Yong-shik 

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Queen of Reversals rating: 2/10

I remember reading a rave critique about Queen of Reversals on Dramabeans before tackling this one - I don't regret it. Kim Nam-joo and Park Shi-hoo must be among my Top 5 KDrama couples.  
Hair-wise, however, this drama is a flop. The flattened thing: terrible. The color! A crime. The motorcycle-picture (and the hair in it) means one additional point.
A drama I will watch again one of these days!


The Princess' Man (KBS, 2011) as Kim Seung-yu 

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Princess' Man rating: 10/10

Ah, I still miss this drama. It was SO.GOOD! Park Shi-hoo has two type of hair: The nobleman non-hair and ... the mane of glory! It's his real hair (10 points just for that) and he looks gorgeous, whatever the hair (10 more points). 
10 more points for this shot. Ah. I'm dying ... 
HUH? What's that? Tarzan? If this was a post about abs, he'd get 1000 points, but the hair ... not so good. Need to deduct a few.
 KDramaland, would you please stop producing good dramas for a while? I need some time to watch this again!!


Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS, 2012) as Seung Jo

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Cheongdamdong Alice rating: tbd

Oh man, I tell you, I'm in a Park Shi-hoo mood after watching all of these (and many more clips) now!! How wonderful is it that he's back on TV soon, this very Saturday in fact?! I'll watch Cheongdamdong Alice from beginning to end and don't care at all whether it's be biggest BS ever. I want Park Shi-hoo - I want him NOW.  

29 November 2012


Farewell to ... Nice Guy

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 29, 2012
"Ah, this ending is giving me such a headache!"
 And once again, it's: ♪ *Time tooooooooooo, say goodbye* ♪ lalalalalaaaaa
You're thinking I am a bit late with this farewell post? Yes, I am.
I lost a whole week of my tightly scheduled KDrama-watching-life stalking Lee Jun-ki across Switzerland (in vain, as you most certainly know if you have been following this blog) and then being heart-broken for days over not seeing him and his porcelain-white, perfect skin (as I imagine it) and these amazing, fantagorastic eyes.

In any case, I have now finished Nice Guy and it has made my already sour mood go even more sour. I can't get over the fact that, once again!, they managed to mess up another perfectly fine drama.

You simply cannot show misery and heartache and bitter revenge for 19.5 hours and then, suddenly, switch to a happy, light-hearted, and cute mode, where every single storyline gets wrapped-up in the fluffiest, but also the most unlikely and most unbelievable way. It tastes like an obvious lie - you certainly don't believe it and it angers you greatly, because you feel that somebody is taking you for a fool.
"What a waste! What a waste! 20 episodes ... and then this"
Like for many others, Nice Guy's ending was a big disappointment for me (if you haven't already seen them, check out the alternative endings on this blog!). It started to go steeply downhill in episode 19, with the whole stabbing scene ... what purpose did that serve? But what comes after is many, many times worse: It is rushed in every sense, and only seemingly and hastily wrapped things up, not even making any sense. He had amnesia, became a doctor, she moved to the same place, he suddenly remembers her? He didn't have amnesia, became a doctor, didn't look her up for seven years (because ... hm.... what could be a plausible reason? no idea), but then gives in once she doesn't give up? And ... this power-house of a woman, raised and groomed to be the heiress of a great financial empire, she is now happy with this small life, running a tiny shop in a small town ... just out of love for this guy? I don't find that sweet at all. No, that's the most tragic of all endings in my book: If that is what Maru made Eun-ki become, then he destroyed her.
"Why, Dramagods, why? Why did you allow the writer to mess up so?"
Don't get me wrong. Song Joong-ki, Moon Chae-won and even Park Si-yeon as Han Jae-hee were brilliant (as was almost the entire supporting cast). Cinematography, directing, etc. etc. etc. ... all good. Writing ... well. Not so good. It started out perfectly fine, the story was moving fast, there was suspense, the characters were complex, fascinating, and engaging; at least the main ones. Maru was hard to like, but easy to pity; Eun-ki was easy to like, but hard to pity - before they turned the tables on us and made Eun-ki a victim and Maru a kind of perpetrator, though in love, and her easy to pity and him easy to like and to pity. Han Jae-hee was easy to hate and hard to pity, before they showed us how lonely, sad, and regretful she was, which made her hard to hate and easy to pity ... and ... in the end, I pitied everyone, except for Layer Ahn.

However, while I find the Maru, Eun-ki, and Han Jae-hee truly memorable characters (Eun-ki is probably my favorite female character of all times), the drama did a much poorer job with its side characters - and that was pretty obvious early on.
  • Choco: Is sick in the beginning and then suddenly, entirely healthy. She can sing. Or can't she? She is there to show us that Maru is actually a good guy and cares deeply. Yeah, but we knew that the moment he sacrifices himself for Han Jae-hee, no? She is also there to show us that he is VERY much in love with Han Jae-hee, because he is ready to leave his sick sister alone (and probably dying) for this woman. If that were her dramatic purpose, then letting her die because of his choice (I am very sorry for making that suggestion!) would have been the far better dramatic decision. Pfff.
  • Jae-gil: Best friend of Maru (why?), chaebol heir (why does that even remotely matter?). Cares for Maru and urges him to go to the hospital. There's nothing that I have against Lee Kwang-Soo in particular, but the way he always acts (he moves his lips/mouth before he stutters something - and he stutters a lot) is super annoying. That and the rest adds up to: Utterly redundant character. Pfff.  
  • Choco and Jae-gil: Standard love-story. And BAM, suddenly they're married. Pfff.
  • Lawyer Park: Second Lead, doesn't get the girl, pretends to by gay to make the relationship between them relaxed and easy. Since he is the second lead, he is ... aish, sizzling HOT, with his sad, sad eyes and his beautiful, beautiful face .... His father committed a crime toward Eun-ki's mother and he is afraid she might not like him after finding out, and therefore keeps quiet, even though he has long given up on her and just wants to see her happy with Maru? Riiiight. Makes sense? No. He wants to go confess to the police? What exactly, his father's crime?! And then he wants to go to prison for him? Where is his father, anyway? And does he ever tell Eun-ki about his big evil secret? The ending he gets? Does he even get one? Pfff.
  • Lawyer Ahn: He is evil. That's it. He is a one-dimensional as they come and the stone-faced acting didn't help. He loves Han Jae-hee: it is a very, very deep love and he is willing to sacrifice his life for her? Why again? Cause she's pretty? Are we to believe that he was once nice (Eun-ki's confidante) and then, after beholding the witch, he turned evil, ready to murder people? And the ending he gets? He walks out of prison (how did he even get in?), and away from the woman he loved so much. Why? Beyond me. Pfff.
  • The biggest waste for me, however, was Jae-sik. Strangely enough, I liked this character and his funny way of talking right from the start. I liked how he had a conscience (Even though he's a (potential) murderer and he wanted to sell his sister to a brothel), and I liked how he found a new sister in Choco. There was great potential, but nothing was made of it. The ending he gets? WTF? He now sells fast food and writes love letters with spelling mistakes? What an insult to this character! Pfff.
"Yes, I am HOT but unfortunately, was made to play a very boring character"

So, there's the really messed-up ending and the many little messed up things ... and then, there's this: 
 “I will go to Noona. Love… I can’t promise love, but I can stay with you forever. As long as what you want from me isn’t love, as long as it isn’t that, it’s fine. Wherever noona is, I will wait for you, I’ll be understanding, I’ll be able to hold it in, endure it, and I will hold your hand. I won’t let it go. Stop all the useless acts, and throw away all the heavy weights laid upon you. And if there happens to be punishment that you deserve, accept it all. I will wait for you any time, so… will you come to me?” (and teeeeears flow in buckets)
(at least I look good even when I cry)
HUH? Is it the hematoma in Maru's brain that makes him do weird things? I was starting to like this guy and I thought, well, now he is finally acting like a semi-normal human being, but then ... he takes the blame for Jae Hee ... again??? After doing nothing bad to her ever? Are you stupid, Maru? Or are you taking the meaning of helper syndrome to a new level? You need professional help, that's for sure! Way to destroy all emotional attachement I had to this character!
Well ... this kakashi woman, she is a bit harsh on my last drama, no? Make her stop!
Okay, Maru. Sorry. I didn't entirely dislike this drama. Otherwise I wouldn't have watched all 20 episodes. I would even consider it one of the better ones this year. Yes, I blame this whole mess entirely on myself: I should and could have seen the disappointment coming. You know why? It is very, very hard to come up with 5 Dramas that have truly satisfactory endings. Most KDramas lose their steam towards the finale (if you're lucky) or already somewhere in the middle and leave you dissatisfied or even angry in the end. That's the main reason I have not seen the last two episodes of about 80% of all the dramas I have watched. Because, unfortunately, when they don't get the ending right, it sours the whole drama experience for me. I'll make that a 100% in the future. Unless people can ensure me that the ending is good (or at least semi-good) I will simply stop watching about two episodes before the finale.

Happy, cutie? (And: any plans for your holidays, Joong-ki? Wanna come to Switzerland, maybe?)
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Random Thoughts on ... IRIS 2 and the KIA K7

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 29, 2012
While I am still dealing with my post-Junki-in-Switzerland-depression, I've come across this very exciting Korean car advertisment.
Oh wait, it's a trailer! For IRIS 2!
Ah .... no. It's a car ad.
Uhm... ok, it is both!

This is much, much better than its 2010 equivalent because it takes (pre-show!) product placement to a new level. IRIS 2 will start airing in mid-February and they have that much footage already? Well done, show, well done (though we will have to see how Jang Hyuk measures up to Lee Byung-hun).
Jang Hyuk started my love for saeguk with Chuno, so I owe him a lot! (and Lee Da-hae almost killed it, but that's another story for another time). I did like IRIS, kind of, but never finished it. I did like Athena, kind of, but never finished it. So I'm probably going to like IRIS 2, kind of, but will never finish it. 

28 November 2012


Farewell to ... Jun-ki. 안녕!

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 28, 2012
Lee Jun-ki is no longer here. It was confirmed by his tweet this morning (after landing): "여러분의 응원덕분에 무사히 촬영잘마치고 막 도착했습니다~ 감사합니다~~~!공항까지 마중나와주신 가족들께도 감사드려요 ~^^" (Thanks to your support, I finished shooting without trouble and have just arrived here. ~Thank you~~! Thank you my fans who came to see me at the airport as well~^^ (trans by Elly)).
Arriving in Seoul

27 November 2012


Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 5 (a new lead)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 27, 2012
It does help if you have a world-spanning intelligence networks that helps with the stalking (you know who you are!).

It is confirmed that at least Joongi's stylist was in Zurich this morning (10.30am approximately). That is what she posted:
Swarovski Tree with Crystals
It is the Swarovski Xmas Tree at the Zurich Main Station. There is no Joongi there, however. Is he hiding behind the tree perhaps? Seeing they are now in Zurich, I guess they are flying back tonight. For anybody who can go (I can't): The flight leaves at 9.40 pm.

This also shows that it helps to have an iphone (cause it will give you 3G coverage). I hear from well informed sources that Joongi doesn't use an iphone but a Samsung Galaxy. He might have to go find WiFi to check Twitter and post on Twitter.

If you read this, can you wander up the hill to Haldeneggsteig 4, please? My office is there. I'll be content with an autograph, no need to talk to me or anything. I'm in meetings this afternoon anyway. Just leave it at the door to my office. And there's a public WiFi here, by the way for your last tweet from 스위스!

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Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 5

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 27, 2012
And so it ends, it seems. Another farewell pic this morning, this time from Joongi's own twitter account. This is a rather impressive entourage. And there is product placement! Well done, Joongi.

Helibernina does Helicopter flights for VIPs and other people with money from the heliport in Samedan (a village in the Engadin) to ... anywhere you want to go. They could also have flown Joongi and crew to Mailand for a few hours. No wonder he was so hard to track... I was thinking slow ground-travel with about 3 small buses for all the equipment and staff - but no, this boy was all over this country so quickly, he seemed to have sprouted wings. He probably did.

This morning, another (fan made) pic went viral on the net - it's Joongi playing the Alphorn in Lucerne. At least he had fun in Lucerne. He could have had more fun in Zurich, but he probably did not know that. Or he did and he deliberately did not come to Zurich. Or he probably is here right now. Or he is ... already on his way back, in a private jet. Hallyu star, you are elusive like a dream! It was fun while it lasted, but now, it is time to say goodbye ... 안녕!
I have promised his fanclub not to be angry with him and continue my support. I will. But I'll be a tiny little wee bit angry because I had not even a chance to meet him. For a few hours. And I do plan on fangirling a lot for Park Shi-hoo in the coming days, a bit more than I would have. Joongi, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Switzerland at least a little bit - thanks for your hard work and thanks for promoting my country with these wonderful pictures. Take care!

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26 November 2012


Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... WHAT?

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 26, 2012
Okay, I definitely need to go back to stalking school.

At 9pm local time, Lee Jun-ki's photographer Steve Tak tweeted a group picture (thanks, Cheryl, from JGFamily for pointing this out!), announcing the end of the photo shoot. Standing in a snow field. Somewhere in the Bernese alps - or not. 
I am NOT going to identify this mountain for you! I will not! I may be a bit tempted, but I've had it! Yes, I'm going back to loving Park Shi-hoo now, much more than you Joongi! (even though I fear his new drama will be a bit bleh).
Joongi has been here 4 days, they are done shooting, and they promised us TWO WEEKS in Switzerland. Did they put a 1 before the 4 by accident? He may now very well go back tomorrow already or Thursday. Well, I hope he'll enjoy one or two days of holidays here at least. Wherever he may be. DUH!

Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 4 (after the tweet)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 26, 2012
I am very disappointed. I have been honing my human GPS skills all day by looking up random pictures on the internet and then trying to find out where they were taken. And then this? Joongi! Too easy!!!
This is Lucerne, though not at its most scenic. That's more to the left, I'd say. The picture is taken from a boat at the Bahnhofquai. What you see in the background are some of the really nice hotels (the Grand Hotel National is just to the left of Joongi's photographer friend). You also see the Church of St. Leodegar. And the bad weather. Poor swans and ducks on the lake! 
Random info: Whenever I see a cold lake and ducks on it, I have to think of that song "Human?" by Grip Inc. (a groove metal band). There's a line in that song that goes like this: "Only frozen dogs have spent nights cold as mine". Before I looked up the lyrics, I used to understand "only frozen ducks have spent nights cold as mine". I always pitied the poor ducks with their feet and bellies in the ice cold water ... and I was very disappointed to find out that it is not ducks, but dogs. Not that I don't like dogs and don't also pity them being frozen and all, but ducks ... frozen ducks were just so much stronger an image.  

While I wasn't spot on right about him going to Jungfrau next, I was totally right about the route they would take from Chur. They just took a detour to Lucerne. He probably already went to Interlaken tonight. That's an hour's drive.
And then? Will he go to Berne? Will he go further to Geneva? Or will he ... come to Zurich?! (*furiously checks agenda to see when she has time to roam the streets of Zurich*)

Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 4 (no tweet yet)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 26, 2012
In the absence of another tweet (but he will not keep us waiting much longer, will he?), I am writing about stalking more generally. That's a topic I've grown very fond of.

There are several levels of proficiency in the ancient trade of stalking. At the beginner's level (the Tin League), the stalker is clumsy, too obvious, and will at the most get to see the object of admiration from a far distance. The results of stalking - I am assuming here that stalking is a means to an end and not an end in itself - get better in the Silver and the Gold League (where you may get an autograph or may be able to even touch the object of admiration).
is this what he saw today? We will soon know. Maybe!
Where you want to get, however, is the Diamond League. This Grade A stalking is no longer reactive - but proactive. The hunter does no longer simply follow her prey, but reads her prey's mind like an open book. Not a step behind, but always already there (You may know this mode from the movies ... it's when brilliant detectives go after brilliant serial killers).

How this applies to this current situation (Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland) is pretty obvious. Lee Jun-ki has been elusive ... he tweets, and then he's gone. He even tweets his pictures in the wrong order, as I was able to prove yesterday, most certainly to confuse the hunters (i.e. me). Knowing where he will go next would be Diamond League but also pretty darn impossible, unless you're a telepath (which I am not).

Knowing when he will fly back, however, is possible.
Zurich Airport. Always a pleasure.
Joongi needs to be in Japan (Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall) on December 4. He will have to be there on December 3 most likely, to rehearse. That means he has to leave Switzerland on December 2 at the latest (you lose a day when flying that far East). Assuming he will be flying back with Korean Air (a pretty safe guess) his flight is most likely KE 934, leaving Zurich ZRH at 9:35pm this Saturday, December 1. He will be able to go back to Seoul, un-pack and re-pack, before leaving for Japan on the 3rd.

Unless he already leaves Switzerland this Thursday... Nooooooo! Saturday is bad enough, because how are 9 days two weeks?! I quote: "Lee will travel in Zürich and Jungfrau for two weeks and introduce the nature and culture of the country". Lies! 거짓말! (thanks, Nice Guy, for teaching me this crucial Korean Word!). 9 days is 5 days short of two weeks!! Whoever wrote and released that statement should be severely punished: In Switzerland, we chocolate-feed people to death.

Will I be at their airport on Saturday?

Well. This is how this story turns into the "How-my-aunt-and-uncle-kept-me-from-meeting-Lee-Jun-ki"-story: This Saturday, it's my uncle's 73rd birthday. There's a large party. I promised to help with the preparations. And it's a temporary farewell, too, because my aunt and uncle will soon thereafter leave for Hawaii for 3 months. It was them that kept me from going to meet him at the airport when he arrived and it is them that keep me from seeing him off when he leaves.
There must be a message. One of these days, I'll understand.

25 November 2012


Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 3 (Part 2)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 25, 2012
Another tweet! Ah, Joongi, how nice of you ... two tweets in one day? We are so grateful.
This time, he is having lunch in some Grison mountain village. As you may be able to see, there's a "Volg" in the background - that's a type of grocery shop that specializes in providing food in more remote locations (countryside, mountains). This looks like it was taken at noon.

And here is the name of the village: Zuoz. You know who knew? My father. Yes, I even mobilized my father and my father-in-law this time! The "Locate Joongi"-game is becoming quite popular in my family. The one who identifies the location first gets a point. The family member with the most points when Joongi leaves Switzerland will get an Iljimae OST CD with a Joongi autograph. My husband just bought it today on ebay. Probably to finally shut me up about this guy? Not working so far, sorry!
Zuoz in the Summer - same fountain, same yellow house
I was pretty sure Joongi would make his way from Chur to the West (Jungfrau Region) today. But something's not right ... this is in the Engadin, where he was yesterday ... and the picture this morning, that was Chur, which is one valley over (a few hours by car). You know what, boys and girls?! He is totally not tweeting the pics in the right order!!! Cheeky, cheeky Joongi.

Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 3

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 25, 2012
Hello world, this is kakashi! I was healed yesterday, but today... stalking mode, ON! A tweet, a tweet! Before lunch (unexpected pattern change). He says something about liking the peace and quiet ("좋다~~오랜만에느끼는 이 한적함ㅜㅜ") - yeah, welcome to a small town in Switzerland on a Sunday. Where there is not a single shop open. You are such a nice person, Joongi - you could also have said "how can people live in such a boring place??".
If you're lucky, Joongi, you might find a café that is open! In fact, if you can, go to Café Maron. Just down the way from where you are. It looks a bit shabby from the outside, but the do have the tastiest things! But I guess you shouldn't eat sweets, should you ...

Ah, yes, obviously I know where this is. He is back in Chur (on Ottostrasse), where he stayed on Friday. He may just be on his way through because he is not in the hotel. How I know? Because my husband ... called again.

Will I rush to Chur on a train now? No. Because I am pretty sure he is already gone. He may be going to the Jungfrau region next ... It's a lovely drive to the West, over the Furka-Oberalp Pass.  

24 November 2012


Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 2

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 24, 2012
I was a slightly less preoccupied with Lee Jun-ki today, which is a healthy and good thing. I feel much more like myself: The healing has set in and I have accepted that he is quite close, and yet so far, and I am now just wishing for him to have good time. Yes, we can just be friends, right? 
After locating him in Chur yesterday, I was pretty sure he would either go to Arosa or to St. Moritz next. At 6.30pm this afternoon, the second was confirmed. Lee Jun-ki tweeted "스위스 생모리츠 코르바치 3305m 대자연의 웅잠함에 안기며 또~ 우리팀의전통 기념사진 ^^". I haven't had much of a chance to boast about my Hangul reading skills on this blog, but now's the time! I totally got the first part immediately (and totally didn't get the second, though Google translate allowed me to understand just now that it is about 'the traditional team picture').
So he's in St. Moritz, more precisely, he went up Piz Corvatsch.

Cool. I really like Piz Corvatsch and I really like the Engadin (the valley where Piz Corvatsch is towering over). I am now very jealous of Lee Jun-ki. I want to go on a holiday, too!

Now, some more analysis of the picture. Taking into account the sun and the length of the shadows, I'd say this picture was taken around 2pm, and they are facing south-east. The blue bit on the right, that's a lake - and it's either Lake Silvaplana (or Lake Sils, though I'm pretty sure it's the first). The peak on the right is Mt. Julier (3380m).
They seem to be up at the mountain (and not the middle) station, though I am not entirely sure what they are sitting on. Is that safe?! 
What I don't quite understand is why he wants to go see Jungfraujoch, too. At least if we are to believe the press release. Which I am not all that ready to believe anymore ... because it first of all said he would be in Zurich (boooooo, he was not!) and they also lied to us about him being here for two weeks (boooooo, he will not be! - more on that tomorrow).

I've never been up to the Jungfraujoch. That's not something many Swiss people do, in fact ... but I do know that it is just ... another high mountain. It's a little tiny weeny bit higher than Piz Corvatsch and the ride on the train must be quite spectacular. But ... more mountains? Are you sure, Joongi? Don't you just want to come to Zurich and hang out a little?

23 November 2012


More of Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 23, 2012
Hello, this is Lee Jun-ki's Swiss sideline stalker, kakashi! The stalker that only stalks virtually, but will probably never ... ah, no, hope dies last, as I said yesterday. The trip has only begun, there is still looooots of time to meet him.
The @JGShock followers had to wait for a long time, but this afternoon at 6pm, the long awaited tweet came. It came with the above picture. God in heaven, the amount of luggage! That's insane!! He seems to have brought at least 50 different sets of clothing for the photo shoot. Well, nothing can come between a Hallyu star and his wardrobe, right?

But ... wait a minute. I know where this is. And it's not in Zurich (=here) but in Chur (1+hour from here). Well, GREAT. If I had known that earlier, I wouldn't have had to stalkingly stalk through Zurich today, following Asian guys until I could be sure it wasn't Joongi! Yes, I was creepy. I even creeped myself out. And I was that close to being arrested!

So he was not in Zurich but in Chur, the hometown of my husband, gateway to the Alps. And to be more precise, it's the ABC Hotel in Chur. The proof? This:
I'm so good at this stalking game, it scares me. Should I have gone for a career in intelligence maybe? Or become a detective? I can totally solve riddles of all kinds. Show me a picture and I'll know immediately where you are, Joongi, there's no escape!

Well. Joongi is a smart guy. Not that I ever doubted it, but Joongi is actually no longer at that hotel. How I know? My husband called them. And asked for an autograph. For me. Awwwww, husband! I love you! I'm guessing that Joongi knows very well that there are people like me that stalk him. So he would never give away his location. He only gives us breadcrumbs, traces, whiffs of where he has been. Why, dear God, did you make him both pretty and smart? 
credit: Bo_1201 (great artwork!)

22 November 2012


Random Musings on ... Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 22, 2012
This was a fun day. But it wasn't a very productive day. Because I had to monitor Lee Jun-ki's flight (Korean Air 933) all the way from Seoul to Vienna and then to Zurich. AND I had to monitor the world's twitter activities related to @JGSHock. Man, there's a lot of people tweeting this guy ...

I did manage to get some work done, too, but who is interested in work when Lee Jun-ki is on his way to one's hometown?!
Okay, and then he landed at Zurich Airport at around 8pm tonight. Was I there? I was not.

Total FAIL.

But then, I had guests. My aunt and uncle. And my aunt even cooked for me and my family. Yes, tonight I placed my family over Lee Jun-ki. Do I feel bad about it? Not really. Here is why:
  • Because the poor guy just spent 16 hours travelling and is probably so tired he would welcome a temporary coma (though he is used that kind of schedule from Arang, no?). 
  • Because I am a married ajumma with kid, for crying out loud!, what has come over me lately?! (It may be the influence of some quite recent (virtual) friends, two of which have written guest posts on here. I tell you, these women ... they know how to fangirl! And how to make grabby noona hands! Hell, yeah!)
  • Because he is going to spend the next two weeks here. And this country is small. It has less inhabitants than Seoul. It will be a piece of cake to meet him. When he is rested and in a good mood. Strolling around in Zurich, totally at ease, because hardly anybody knows him here. (Sure, he might be the first Korean superstar setting foot in this country and I can imagine how desperate all the Swiss KPop fans are to finally meet ... any Korean superstar. But I warn you, Swiss KPop fans, this is not about KPop. No! This is about KDrama. Back OFF!) 
  • Because ... hope dies last. kakashi, hwaiting/ 화이팅!

21 November 2012


Update on ... Stalking Lee Jun-ki some more

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 21, 2012
Lee Jun-ki is ... PACKING! Or at least he was, 11 hours ago. Hell yeah, I'm so nervous I can barely sit still... 
 "I am packing this and that and only the electronic gadgets are filling my carrier bag K..Ah…difficult. I’ve travelled so much but packing is still difficult." (translated by Elly from JGFamily)

Unfortunately, I had to leave my tent at the airport because ... well. Stuff. For example, I have a full-time job. And a family. Goddamnit, why must real life interfere all the time?!

I do wonder a little why he only puts electronic gadgets into his bag. But the biggest issue of them all ... there are no flights from Seoul arriving at Zurich airport today. Because there are no direct flights from Seoul to Zurich. You know what that means? It means finding the Lee Jun-ki needle in the arrival haystack. I am ready to stalk him a litte - but I am definitely not ready to stalk each and every young Korean male wearing a cap or arriving at Zurich airport tonight! 

kakashi you are a chicken!!!! Chicken!! Chicken!!!
I admit to being one. But at least, let me be a Chicken Maru.

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