31 January 2013


My Top 5 ... Shower Scenes

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on January 31, 2013
As the astute watcher of KDrama is well aware, there is almost no sex in KDrama. I say "almost no sex" because there are several instances of where the characters obviously had sex or are, rarely, about to have sex (i.e. when they get pregnant after, like in I Do I Do, or when they wake up in bed together, like in Personal Taste, or when they are in each other's home and don't leave, like in Cheongdamdong Alice - or is this my dirty mind imagining things that were not there?), so technically, there is sex, but simply not on screen. That's not very surprising, given the fact that most shows air on public television and Korean society is generally considered a conservative society. We get the occasional kiss (most of them terrible) and, behold, we get the occasional shower scene (most of them terrific).

Shower scenes almost always involve men (as opposed to women, though there are exceptions) being "naked" (to the waist) and taking a shower - and most shower scenes fall into one of two categories: a) brooding (thinking-about-a-woman) ones, where the shower is probably there to show us that the lead actor needs to cool down his sexual desire a.s.a.p. and b) random fan-service or rating-boost ones, where the shower is used to show us a beautiful actor's beautiful body, i.e. glistening abs and no dramatic purpose is served whatsoever. And I guess there is also c), which is the combination of the two.

Anyways, this is a top 5 post, so I should in theory choose the best 5 shower scenes. But how in the name of what is good and holy do you choose the best shower scene?! They are all the same: a beautiful man naked to the waist takes a shower. Should I have gone for how well they move under the shower? For the context that leads to them taking the shower? For the length of the scene? For the amount of broodiness or outright suffering they display?

No. I flat-out refuse to choose. So, here we go ... my "Top 5+ Shower Scenes", including some ratings. These are dramas and actors that I like. Well, some of the dramas I like and some of the actors I like, but ... never mind. It took me forever to make these gifs, so I do hope I get a position in KDrama heaven when I die. PS: I will do another Top 5 post soonish after this: swimming pool scenes.

be patient for the gifs to load! It is worth it!

Park Shi-hoo Shower Scenes

Park Shi-hoo, who has a very, very, very well trained body and isn't afraid to show it, is "The King of Shower Scenes". He must have the most shower scenes of any active actor in KDramaland. I'm just guessing, of course - there is no hard data on such things.  

The first Shower Scene with Park Shi-hoo is in Family's Honor, Episode 15, 33'00'', in two segments. Theirs is a difficult love, so it's mighty broody and even angry! A naked, dripping, angry Park Shi-hoo?! Me likey. 10/10 for both!

The second Shower Scene with Park Shi-hoo is in the surprise-hit Prosecutor Princess, Episode 10, 16'30''. It's mighty broody alright, but they do keep Park Shi-hoo's wonderful abs from us almost entirely. I cannot give it more than 7/10.
The third Shower Scene with Park Shi-hoo is in The Princess Man, Episode 12, 5'30''. Well, they didn't have real showers back then, but they're washing sexily in the river, which equals a shower scene and then some. His companion (played by Kim Roe-ha) also doesn't need to hide his body, though he is well over forty. Well done! This is top marks because we see abs, abs, and nothing but the abs. Well, the hair is a distraction, but this is not a hair post. So: 10/10.
The fourth and fifth Shower Scene with Park Shi-hoo are in Cheongdamdong Alice, Episode 2 and 3 ... okay, okay, these are not shower scenes! But seriously, this was never about shower scenes anyway but about half-nekkid men, plain and simple. These abs are abs alright! 10/10, Park Shi-hoo. I wish this drama had been as good as your abs.

Lee Min-ho Shower Scenes

If Park Shi-hoo is the "King of the Shower Scenes" then Lee Min-ho deserves the title "Little King of the Shower Scenes". He has had so many - and hasn't even been to the army yet! Imagine what shower scenes will be like with this one once he went in and came back out!! *Nosebleed*

First Shower Scene with Lee Min-ho is in Boys over Flowers, Episode 2, 46'50''. Unfortunately, it's a half-assed shower scene. We do not see any abs, just some biceps and his back. But he is really broody and I like that he looks at himself in some kind of mirror or whatever it is. Who has a mirror to look at themselves when they take a shower?! Oh well. It's Joon Pyo. Forget I asked. I give it a 3/10.
The second Shower Scene with Lee Min-ho is in Personal Taste, Episode 3, 35'44''. This is clearly a Type b) shower scene. Lee Min-ho's character is not at all broody or suffering. But he needed to be naked for what follows ...
 ... which is a delightful little "oups I walked in on you" hijink. Even though I do not understand for the life of me why she looks at his face? All in all, the shower scene is funny, but it lacks the broodiness. I give it a 4/10.
The third Shower Scene with Lee Min-ho is in City Hunter, Episode 2, 24'25''. It's broody alright, and we get to see a liiiiiiiittle more of him. Just a tiny little bit more. And some scars. It certainly isn't enough for top marks: 5/10. But you do get better and better! Continue to work hard, young man!

Song Seung-hun in "My Princess"

Behold, SSH aka Mr Handtowel has chosen a new drama! He will be back to the small screen in no time (like this April)! Well, without me watching, but he is rather well-built. And he has eyelashes to die for. Here, he is taking a shower in My Princess being broody or at least pensive cause his life is so.damn.hard.
credit: latteholic - who also gave me the idea for this post: so thank her!
This beautiful man taking this shower can be seen in Episode 4, at 22'45''. It's one of the best shower scenes ever. The man might not be the best actor in town, but he seems to be the best shower scene actor ever. 10/10!

This, by the way, does not lead to the famous Hand Towel scene, which takes place in Episode 2. And the Hand Towel scene is not what gave Song Seung-hun the nickname Mr. Hand Towel. He is Mr. Hand Towel because his acting is just like a limp, wet hand towel and his name sounds similar to son-su-geon (손수건), which means hand towel / handkerchief in Hangul. I don't know why people are so mean to him. He has the most beautiful eyelashes after all!

Cha Seung-won in "The Greatest Love" 

Wow! A shower scene in Episode 1! That only happens to somebody as seasoned as Cha Seung-won and his beautiful, beautiful body. Oppaaaaaaa! Come back to the small screen soon, pretty please?! This shower scene is from Episode 1 of The Greatest Love, at 21'38'' and it's part of his character's introduction. Definitely a Type b)! 10/10 of course.

Yeon Jung-hoon in "Vampire Prosecutor 2"

This special Shower Scene with Yeon Jung-hoon is in Vampire Prosecutor 2, Episode 2, 37'29''. It's neither a type a), b), nor c). Poor Min Tae-yeon got hurt! And now needs to heal himself while taking a shower. I adore Yeon Jung-hoon (mostly as Vampire Prosecutor) and I wished he did more dramas. This shower scene deserves top marks: hardly ever do we linger so long and so closely on the most important part of the body: the face. Haha, no, of course not that part! I mean the abs. 10/10.

Eric Moon in "Myung Wol the Spy"

Some of the regular readers and especially writers on this blog (i.e. lafer!) never shut up about how good Que Sera, Sera is. But is there a shower scene in there? I do not know, because I still haven't seen more than about 5 episodes of this drama. But I do know that Eric Moon does have a shower scene, which is in fact in Myung Wol the Spy, Episode 8, 23'58''. The drama was as terrible as they come, but Eric Moon ... yum. The scene is as broody as they come, because he is in love with her and of course shouldn't, blabla. The angle is quite good, though the hair is terrible, but since this is not a hair-post ... 9/10.

Lee Dong-wook in "Scent of a Woman"

This is a drama I did not see. Well, correction: I saw about 5 episodes of it and then dropped it because I simply hate terminal illness dramas. Even my love for Kim Sun-ah couldn't convince me, also because she was much, much too thin in this. But then, my dear Shukmeister begged me on her knees to include this shower scene. This is a woman who claims not to be interested in choco abs, mind you ... oh well, the strongest get weak sometimes, right? This particular shower scene is in Episode 4, 43'45''. Oh my. This is one sexy shower scene (in two segments). Lee Dong-wook shows us more than anybody else in this post - below belly button hair. Very well done, Lee Dong-wook. 10/10.

30 January 2013


Paradise is ... Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Jun-ki tweeting each other

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on January 30, 2013
It is wonderful to have wonderful friends on Twitter and Facebook. I get back from a meeting, and see that dewaanifordrama has recorded a historical moment of Twitter history for me (because she knows that I admire both Lee Jun-ki and Kim Ji-hoon, though the second more recent than the first). They are talking to each other! And they are really, really funny! PARADISE!
Thank you so much, dewaanifordrama!
But then, my second issue ... what are they saying? Back to Google Translate I go and the outcome was ... yeah, you know ... not so great. But who am I to despair ...

Before I go to the gym over lunch, I quickly check my Facebook feed and ... oh wow! The wonderful JGFamily has provided the translation. Love you, guys! (translation by elly)
1) LJG: Yeah~ 2nd place of Oricon chart, beating out the prominent albums, huhduhduhduh!!!! And three million weibo followers in one year~!!!!!!! Oh My Gosh~!!! Shall we celebrate it ~kk Thank ? you~^^v

2) KJH: You are awesome. Can you lend me 30'000 followers

3) LJG: When you repay it should be total 130'000 followers with interests

4) KJH: As expected, there is a reason for a person to be successful.kkkk Is this some kind of loan shark's interest!! -kk

5) LJG: What are you saying? Mr. customer,

6) KJH: Ok. i give up. then how about just 3'000?

7) LJG: Flower Boy Next Door, have a super hit. fighting~
Buahaha. This is hilarious. I want moooooooore!!! (JG Family, loving Joongi more than Kim Ji-hoon, has stopped at JGShock's last tweet ... arm yourself with Google translate, people, and help me translate Kim Ji-hoon's response!)

Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 8, Part II: Enrique)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on January 30, 2013
Sorry, Enrique. You are very, very cute (though very, very annoying), but I'm on team Jin-rak. Forever and ever. I will be heartbroken when you get the girl and that's an understatement. I may learn to like you if you start acting more like an adult and a little less than a child, but you are just not a man to me.

- by the way: I don't mind you re-using these gifs in any context you want to; but you may consider crediting me for them. Cause Google image search knows anyways who did them. hahaaaaaa! -  
Yes. okay! I admit it. he is cute. very.
but he is also very, very annoying. take the sugary stuff away from him!!!
I have a lot of Schadenfreude when I see this.
Want another kick, Enrique Geum?
for a minute, I feared the dog would bite him!!!

Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 8, Part I: Jin Rak)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on January 30, 2013
Why cannot more shows be as good as this one?

Oh, how my poor heart aches for this gorgeous second lead ... with his pathetic, epic #fail moments! I seriously felt like crying in this episode. To see him so sweetly and stupidly in love, but messing it up each and every time ... it seems so, so unfair! This post is dedicated to poor Jin-rak. Enrique pictures will be posted tomorrow. I hope you are luckier next time you fall in love, Jin-rak dearest ... (is it a bit obvious I have a HUGE crush on this man?!)

- by the way: I don't mind you re-using these gifs in any context you want to; but you may consider crediting me for them. Cause Google image search knows anyways who did them. hahaaaaaa! - 
My baby Oh Jin-rak being sad ...
My baby Oh Jin-rak being determined ...
#FAIL! (Learn: always switch off you phone when stalking people)
The Webtoon Editor. She is awesome. And looks as if she won a beauty contest in this picture ^^
My baby being annoyed by the annoying puppy
My baby Jin-rak shouting. Wanna come to anger management classes?
My baby Jin-rak being sweet ...
My baby Jin-rak being smart ...

29 January 2013


Recent Twitter images by @ssinz (Park Shin-hye)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on January 29, 2013
Hello, chingus! Flower Boy Next Door has quickly become my weekly dose of happiness, not least due to its great cast, which just sizzles with energy. I am following two of them on Twitter (Park Shin-hye and Kim Ji-hoon) and their frequent posts add the icing to the already incredibly tasty show-cake.

Twitter is great, but it is the medium of the moment - once tweeted, things stay relevant for an hour at the most, and then get drowned in the sea of white noise that Twitter is. Therefore, I decided to do two posts, one for Park Shin-hye (who is @ssinz) and one for Kim Ji-hoon (who is @jiraishin99), reposting (some of) their pictures of each other and the respective Tweet, thus preserving these moments full of warmth for a little longer. Ahem. Well. I did try to translate these tweets, but to be honest ... neither Google translate nor my rather basic Hangul were of all that much help ㅠㅠ - so: I'm giving you my own interpretation of what she's saying.
15 December 2012: 고독미양 혼자 고독하게 세트촬영중이에요. 점심시간이여서 대기실 방바닥에 누워있는데 따끈따끈하네요. 완전 졸음 쏟아져요~~

Google Translate: Solitude, alone in solitude micronutritional'm on the set during shooting. Lunch time was becoming puffy puffy, which I'm laying on the floor in the waiting room. Fully drowsiness pouring. ~~

My interpretation: This is on the set during shooting. She is alone after doing some micronutritional treatment (what is it?! I wants it too! Look at how beautiful she is!!!) and she lay down on the floor in her dressing room, because she felt very sleepy during lunch time - which was hot? warm? making her face puffy? Not sure. The big question is: why? Getting a little hot because Kim Ji-hoon was sitting next to you, maybe?? ^^ 
18 December 2012: 그렇습니다.1더하기1은 귀요미가 아니라 2입니다. 아우 참....ㅠㅠ

Google Translate: "Yes 0.1 plus 1 ear Yomi 2. Aw true .... ㅠ ㅠ"
My interpretation: Aha, here we have the culprit! Kim Ji-hoon and his cheeky smile. *swoon*. She is obviously complaining about Yomi (who or what is that?) and the fact that one ear plus one ear makes two ears. Yes. This makes perfect sense, kakashi! I'm sure that's what she said! 
14 January: '우리가 바로 401호 옆집 꽃미남이다.' ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Google Translate: 401, we next door hotties. '

My interpretation: This one is easy. These are the 401 Next Door Hotties. hehehe ....(not sure why there's a kekekeke, cause it's not funny. They really are super hot)
14 January: 작년 12월 24,25일 모두가 즐거운 성탄절을 보내고 있을 때 고독미양은 깨금과 단 둘이!!강원도로 밀월여행을 떠나다?!궁금해요~?궁금하면 500원! 이 아니고 오늘밤11시 tvn 이웃집꽃미남에서 확인하세요^ㅡ

Google Translate: Go honeymoon trip last year, December 24 and 25, when sending everyone a Merry Christmas and solitude micronutritional kkaegeum just the two of us! Gangwon? Wonder? If you're curious, 500! Tvn Neighbors hotties from 23:00 today check is not ^ ㅡ

My interpretation: Humph. That's a long one ... I think she is being a tease, telling us to check out the drama if we're curious about what just the two of them have been doing on Christmas... all alone! In a car! Going to Ganwon! Yeah, but we know already, Park Shin-hye. You went to the beach with him and built sand-castles and stuff. Just so you know: I really want you to get together with the other guy, Jin-rak.  
20 January: 교복독미ㅇㅅㅇ/ 교복입고 돌아다니고 싶어요. 고등학생때가 그리워.. 아 슬퍼!!!!!!

Google Translate: Dress up like a schoolgirl uniforms g dokmi / I want to go back. I miss high school .. Oh sad!!!

My interpretation: I get this one, I get this one!!! She says that Dok-mi is dressing up in a school uniform and that she herself misses high-school and would like to go back. Are you serious, Park Shin-hye?! I hope not! Nobdy in his right mind wants to go back to high school, right? 
21 January 2013: 오늘은~~ 이웃집꽃미남 방송하는 날~~~!!! 밤 11시 tvn 이웃집꽃미남 본방사수우~~!! 진락오빠얼굴에 꽃이 피었슈~~~

Google Translate: Today ~ ~ Neighbors handsome and that broadcast the day ~ ~ ~!!23:00 tvn Neighbors hotties watching the match shooter Whoo! Flowers bloomed in the face jinrak brother Shu ~ ~ ~

My interpretation: Today at 11pm is broadcasting day for Flower Boy Next Door. The hot flower boys are watching ... a soccer match? And what? Flowers bloomed on Jin-rak oppa's face? Probably not.
22 January 2013: 앗 사진이 안올라갔네요. 완전 맛있게 먹었어요. 감사합니다!!

Google Translate:  Photos Went up there.I fully enjoyed it. Thank you!

My interpretation: She fully enjoyed having her photo taken and uploaded. Or she fully enjoyed the meal downloaded into her stomach. Looks yummy.  
20 January: 88년생이에요오빠?ㅋ"@jiraishin99: 깨알같은 소품. 오진락. 본명은 오재원 그나저나 내일은 드뎌 이웃집꽃미남 방송하는날이네요^ㅇ^ 아아~~ 일주일이 너무 빨리가~~~ 이러다 금방끝나겟쏘~~~ㅠㅇㅠ ㅋㅋ

Google Translate: 88 Years Old. Brother? "@ jiraishin99: in microscopic prop. Misdiagnosed Rock, whose real name Oh, Jae - Won Anyway, tomorrow 드뎌 neighbor's handsome and that broadcast day, Davies ^ ㅇ ^ ah ~ ~ this week too soon ~ ~ ~ cr getsso soon end ~ ~ ~

My interpretation: She goes: haha, Kim Jihoon, you are 88 years old? And Kim Ji-hoon introduced us to his driver's license/identification card or whatever, telling us that his real name is Oh Jae-won. And then complains about time passing too quickly or something like it.
29 January 2013: 독미는 깨금이랑 촬영중이래~~요^^ 나는 깨금이의 애교를 매일매일 봅니다. 부럽죠♥

Google Translate:  Of the dock with a pusher kkaegeum shooting since. ~ ~ ^ ^ I the charm of kkaegeum every day try.Bureopjyo

My interpretation: Uhm ... she likes pushy Enrique. No! Don't!! Like Jin-rak!!! 

Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 7)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on January 29, 2013
Thank you, thank you, thank you show, for existing and being so funny - but also so serious when needed. But don't become all too serious, please ... you know, because I want to make gifs out of you! Serious shows and gifs just don't go well together. That's why there's not all that many tonight. All the better, because it is getting seriously late again and I do have a life. Kind of.

Anyways, this episode brings us more of Jin-rak's anger management issues and secret identity, but also... cooking classes! The Return of the Panda Hat! Bromance that makes you wanna cry out of happiness! Translation hijinks! Jin-rak trying to get closer to his love (and, of course, failing)! Enrique getting what he deserves (a good scolding)! ... and too much Do Hwi. Begone, witch!
I guess there is no beating some of the rules in KDrama (or is there?), meaning first lead will get the girl ... but who is first lead? Do we really know it's Enrique? In any case, things between the two men (with the cutest bromance ever) will heat up tomorrow, judging from the preview; may the better one win!

I love how Enrique adores and challenges his new "hyung" all the time. And I love how he makes him realize that just sitting there and thinking about Dok Mi will really not lead to anything.
I love you two boys ... but you're not all too fast on the uptake, are you?! Do Hwi is clearly a witch - just look at her! And you know what they did to witches in the middle ages, hmmm?
The Duck March of Doom

how can one man be THAT cute??!!
Wow. A girl doing a wrist grab? This is super sexy ...

28 January 2013


Cheongdamdong Alice ... An Afterthought

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on January 28, 2013
Here I am, feeling really bad about my vicious rant last night. Yes: Cheongdamdong Alice still feels like a huge let-down - but I know how hard it is to write, act, edit, and all-in-all produce good shows (my uncle owns a production company and about 40% of all my friends are actors, directors, or authors). And I also know that in this case, as in probably all cases of good or bad Korean drama, a lot of people gave their very best, in fact, worked their asses off with little to no sleep, while I just sit there on my bed with my laptop, consume their hard work like fast-food and then judge it harshly.
All in all, I still think they look really good together.

Not that this makes the show any better. It truly was a let-down. But I am, and forever remain, grateful to those who make this little miracle called KDrama happen. So, when I found these wonderful pictures of Cheongdamdong Alice's Wrap-up Party (Monnie seems to have been absent), I felt like an ungrateful prick (can a woman be a prick?) and wanted to make sure I don't come across like one. In case Park Shi-hoo ever reads this blog and stuff. You know.

Here they are - plus a cute collection of NGs. 
Oh yes, looking like a boss there, Park Shi-hoo! And I've noticed that your secretary seems to like you in real life, too... cute hyung - dongsaeng picture.
hmm ... this woman is a little bit too close to Park Shi-hoo for my liking, but I guess it's okay. But no touching, hear me!!
glad to see In-hwa is standing so far away. because I know from well-informed sources that she has been baking cookies for Park Shi-hoo before. Cookies. You know what that means, right?
It's hottie Doctor!!! I wish to see you in another drama soon and please get a better role next time, okay?

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